Video for Business

We provide a wide range of Videography Services for the Hudson Valley

Video for your Website & Social Media

  • Market your Product or Service
  • Presentations, Conferences and Seminars
  • Banquets
  • Corporate Training
  • Legal Video
  • Non Profit – Publicize Your Event
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  •  Interviews
  • Performances

Below are a few examples of our work…

Marketing Your Products

If your goal is to sell a product or to explain it to your customers, we can produce a video for your website and social media that will help.

On the right is a talk given by Mr. Tom Leahy  of Wildfire Masks in which he explained how to assemble a mask his company produces.  It appears on his company website.

Marketing  Your Services

Does your company provide a service that is somewhat unusual or unique?

PNA Construction Technologies perform a service specifically to repair damaged or worn out joints in warehouse floors. This video was produced showing an actual repair taking place, and it was featured on their company website.





Whether it’s one talk, a day of meetings, educational workshops or a full conference, we’ll record your presentations, integrated with your presentation slides, and make them available for on demand playback via YouTube, Vimeo or your platform of choice.

On the right is a talk given by Monique Hinchcliff, MD that was streamed on


Non-Profit & Educational

The Steffens Scleroderma Foundation has a mission to educate graduate level students in health care disciplines about Scleroderma, about the needs of patients, and establishing teamwork among disciplines.  Each year they bring students, patients, and healthcare professionals together to learn from each other.

Our task is to create an informational video for their website that explains their event and mission – and it’s other use is to obtain grants.