Record & Live Stream Funerals

Why Record and / or live stream a Funeral?

Even before the current pandemic, sadly many loved ones live a great distance away from the Hudson Valley and cannot easily attend a wake, funeral service or burial.

  • A young lady was unable to attend her grandfather’s funeral because she just gave birth and she was 300 miles away.
  • A son knew he was very emotional and would not recall the heartfelt eulogies and tributes to his father but he wanted to preserve them.
  • A young man passed during the pandemic in New York but because most of his family lived in Ireland so they could not attend in person.

That’s why we offer record and live stream funeral video services in the Hudson Valley. We’ve recorded, and streamed separately or together at Funeral Homes, Houses of Worship and graveside.  Additionally Memorial Videos and Photo Montages are also available which may be displayed during a wake, or streamed.

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"They have watched in Ireland now and they are most grateful"
Flowers on Coffin
Catherine Kennedy
Pearl River NY

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