"Bill did an absolutely amazing job capturing the moments of our October wedding at the Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, NY. He was so easy to work with in planning our videography expectations and is so passionate at what he does." Brittany & Dave (from their review on The Knot)

About Wedding Films:

If you're looking for a wedding film for the first time you probably started your research at wedding sites such as The Knot or WeddingWire and then navigated to vendor sites such as our own. You may have read about styles such as "cinematic", "journalistic", "documentary", and shooters who claim to be cinematograpahers, filmmakers, and videographers. They may shoot with DSLRs, shoot in 4K, deliver in 1080p etc. We'd like to help you cut through the jargon and find the right approach for you.

Cinematic vs Documentary

The cinematic approach has gained tremendous popularity in the past five years. These tend to be short features - with lengths of about 15 minutes. The technique is to collect a series of sound bytes, generally from the toasts, or from the officiants pronouncements, and to set this against a soundtrack of instrumental music, utilizing a fast pace to bring many random moments of the day into the weave. The feel is overwhelmingly similar to a Hollywood style preview.

Cinematic video if done well is beautiful - concise, memorable - but it is also incomplete. To create a 15 minute video you will not see full processionals, vows, nor will all the words of your toasts be preserved - you get the "sizzle" but not the substance.

A Documentary edit is the opposite - primarily giving you the moments of your day as they actually happened. Of course there is some editing involved, but primarily this is an "old school" wedding video that can result in a very long program.

Our Approach:

We'd describe our approach as a hybrid or a happy medium between styles. First and foremost we're story tellers and historians. The goal is to create a living portrait of your day that will be watched on your anniversary every year - and that will reach your children and beyond. When we think about the films we love most, they are not 15 minute productions, they last long enough to tell your story - whether is be 30 minutes, 50 minutes or longer.

  • we will include a lot of detail by setting parts of your day to music
  • we will include key parts of your day as they actually happened including processional, readings, vows, first dance, and toasts.
  • we will include the people who are part of your day are of great importance, and will be obe of the things you will treasure most as the years pass.

    Cinematographer / Videographer

    These terms are used almost interchangeably - many newcomers to the industry refer to themselves as "cinematographers" to create an air of being "high-end" and to distance themselves from the stereotypical videographer. The perception of a "videographer" is someone with a huge camera and light looking like a crew member on a tv show.

    The title has little to do with the level of experience or accomplishment of the individual unless they hold a degree from an accredited film program.

    Please contact us for more info.